DiManEx: Simplifying 3D Printing for Supply Chain Teams

DiManEx: Simplifying 3D Printing for Supply Chain Teams

Alexander Bours, Co-founder, DiManExAlexander Bours, Co-founder
The innovation of 3D printing has changed the world’s perspective of manufacturing, where companies as large as General Electric and Boeing almost immediately adopted the technology for several beneficial reasons. Three of the most significant factors revolve around freedom of design, shorter lead times, and low volume or productions catalysing the efforts of manufacturers and supply chain (SC) teams with respect to industrialisation. However, with a rapidly growing on-demand economy for 3D printing services, managing engineers, organisational workflows, and validation of designs and materials have become an arduous task for SC professionals. In order to help SC teams and manufacturers maximise on 3D printing technology, while effectively curbing market challenges, DiManEx offers an enterprise-wide solution that digitises and simplifies intricate SC operations.

Founded in 2015, DiManEx energizes manufacturing organisations to efficiently maximize the merits and advantages of AM via its unique platform. “Our offering ensures that clients experience a hassle-free SC and AM workflow, with the benefit of 3D printing without large investments/capex” expresses Alexander Bours, co-founder of DiManEx. The platform effectuates the company’s goal of leveraging AM to optimise existing SC practices, where DiManEx helps its clients’ build a smarter digital SC.’ The end-to-end solution supports SC teams throughout the process of finding parts that could possibly cause SC issues. “Our platform therefore streamlines property management and product testing processes as well,” adds Bours.

The platform supports a continuous process of matching new materials and technologies with (spare) parts or small series. Such capabilities help SC professionals avoid tooling, manage version control, improve supply base reduction and sustainability, and tackle obsolescence. For engineering professionals, DiManEx’s solution mitigates the number of inconveniences caused by damaged or missing tools, shortens the lead time of prototyping, and enhances their ability to update and upgrade to new AM materials, while meeting quality standards. “Owing to the fact that we are agnostic, we can offer any type of materials to our customers and not be limited by specific technologies, brand, or location,” adds Bours.

To further elucidate on the company’s capabilities, Bours shares the story of a large oil and gas enterprise that was facing long lead times while obtaining spare parts for key process equipment. After the client reached out to DiManEx, Bours and his team of manufacturing and SC experts critically assessed the problem. From the insights gathered, DiManEx implemented its solution to improve the client’s selection of printable parts, production, post-processing, and test samples as well. Via the platform, the part was redesigned to improve overall process efficiencies. “We also aided in quality control and raw material certification, with added dimensional check services,” recalls Bours. Following DiManEx’s involvement, the client experienced a significant reduction in their lead time—from three-six months to 20 days, which offers immediate potential for SC improvement on a global scale with just this type of parts.

Such capabilities and client testimonials help DiManEx continually grow and develop as a leading provider of this combined SC and AM solution for OEMs and manufacturers across the globe. Moving forward, the company intends to further harness the resourcefulness of machine learning-based data analysis, which enables DiManEx to predict and offer sound advice on AM-based business case optimisation for spare parts and components. The future of SC management concerning AM processes is set to witness a new level of simplified convenience, courtesy of DiManEx’s hassle-free solutions.

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Utrecht, Netherlands

Alexander Bours, Co-founder

DiManEx’send-to-end platform enables clients to identify the right parts for Additive Manufacturing, digitise their inventory, and print parts on demand through a network of industrial-quality facilities. Through data import and aggregation, actionable insights, order placement, smart routing, and other such novel features like manufacturing quality control, SC teams and OEMs are able to create availability of parts in new ways. Avoiding costly tooling and tackling obsolescence or long lead times. For engineering professionals, DiManEx’s solution mitigates the number of inconveniences caused by lead times of tooling, shorten lead times of prototyping, and enhances their ability to update and upgrade to new AM materials, while meeting quality standards