Quin: Streamlining Supply Chain Operations through Innovation

Quin: Streamlining Supply Chain Operations through Innovation

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Fabio Valgimigli, Managing Director, QuinFabio Valgimigli, Managing Director
Every entrepreneur’s journey of creating and building a successful business is obstructed by a myriad of roadblocks such as market complexities and constantly changing customer demands. These barriers create the need for businessmen to be innovative in their approach to conducting business. But which business processes do they innovate and how? The answer to this question lies in the need to focus on automating and improving their overall business model. Further, organisations focus on hiring competent managers who can adopt and integrate new technologies with the existing business processes as well as eradicate outdated methodologies and approaches that no longer contribute to business growth. Simultaneously, they must examine the business model and introduce changes in it, if necessary and ensure that all these new shifts in the workflow do not negatively impact the company’s performance graph. Italy-based Quin checks all these boxes by providing consulting, training, and IT solutions to assist organisations in controlling and improving their business operations. “Our team drives awareness about market complexities among clients and utilises advanced technologies and software as catalyst to accelerate their process of business improvement,” begins Fabio Valgimigli, managing director at Quin.

With an emphasis on innovation, Quin guides companies to overcome market complexities and build a strong foundation for their businesses. The company challenges the age-old business practices of its clients and replaces them with the new ones by recognising their business, products, services, and values. Thereafter, Quin’s team works toward implementing its innovative services and ideas for the clients.

Quin also provides services that help firms overcome the conventional boundaries of supply chain management by consulting, guiding, and supporting entrepreneurs through the challenges associated with supply chain management.

Our team drives awareness about market complexities among clients and utilises advanced technologies and software as catalyst to accelerate their process of business improvement

Quin offers end-to-end supply chain management services, all the way from work order generation and production of finished products to delivery of goods. The firm offers sales forecasting, demand planning, inventory management, resource requirement planning, and production scheduling services for its clients. Quin also maintains associations with other supply chain management companies to collaboratively offer standard software to streamline supply chain operations of its clients. The team at Quin can even introduce additional features in those software and customise them as per customer needs.

Another crucial aspect of Quin’s supply chain management services is the way it orchestrates processes for different clients based on their distinct needs. “We know that the onboarding process, software, and advanced technologies are the main ingredients for a project’s success, and thus follow a distinguished approach to implement supply chain management services for our clientele,” says Valgimigli.

With such an extensive and advanced portfolio of innovative services, Quin has assisted hundreds of customers from various sectors in managing their supply chain activities. Over the years, the company has catered to multinational companies such as Illycaffè in food and beverages, thyssenkrupp and Danieli in the metal sector, Arredo3 and Stosa in furniture, Calzedonia in fashion, and Magneti Marelli in automotive sector.

Under the leadership of its President, Elio Catania, a renowned personality in the international panorama on digitalization and information technology, Quin is now working toward introducing latest technologies in manufacturing industry. The company is also partnering with firms in the US and China to expand its footprint into the international markets. Recently, Quin entered an equity partnership with Equinox Investments, an initiative that will strengthen its financial position in the market. “With competence in improving supply chain management operations and bolstering productivity as well as efficiency of manufacturing firms, Quin in no time will emerge as a go-to company for all manufacturing needs,” concludes Valgimigli.